Upper Academy

Upper Academy equips students with the tools to navigate our complicated world, deepening their ownership of ethical and analytical problem-solving and decision making skills. Intentional class structure and size embraces students social, emotional and academic growth through early adolescent years.


Our Upper Academy is committed to high academic standards and reinforces our student’s Classical approach to learning. The Trivium of the Classical approach means our students focus on grammar, logic and rhetoric and use those skills to understand, with greater depth, the world around them. Our students become active learners who show initiative by setting priorities and achievable goals, taking responsibility for pursuing their goals, monitoring and evaluating their progress with their teacher’s guidance, exploring their options and assuming responsibility for their actions.

Biblical Worldview

Our Upper Academy curriculum reflects our commitment to educating the whole-child including their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. We believe in Christ-centered education that addresses spiritual growth, emotional development and academic training that brings glory to God. We are a school body that first and foremost put Christ at the center of our daily life and desires to build a school rich in love, academic excellence and service.

Outdoor Education

Our Outdoor Education Program, also known as O2, engages our students in new adventures to foster respect for all of Creation and community. Through experiential learning, O2 instills environmental stewardship  and confidence in trying new things.

Field Trips

Upper Academy students become ambassadors of Christ in all the places they travel. Our sixth grade students spend time here in the local community working on service projects for the Town of Vail, Roundup River Ranch, Eagle Valley Senior Center among others. Our seventh graders travel regionally on a service-based mission trip. Finally our eighth grade students spend the year studying US History and their year culminates in a 5 day trip to our nation’s capitol.


We champion physical education, being mindful that we are created in the image of God in body and spirit. We emphasize that true competition is a means to learn and practice virtue through victory, defeat and teamwork. Students develop physical potential through setting and accomplishing challenging goals. Students will learn to respect their bodies as sacred  instruments and to develop a healthy self-image and self-confidence.


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